Our tour begins with a warm welcome in our facilities where our receptionist will help you fill all documents and formalities needed to practice this type of activity. Then we will head to the area where all the equipment is placed our guides will proceed to install harness and safety garments that you’ll need along the adventure passing then to the instructions area where safety talk will be taught the necessary techniques to fully enjoy this canopy experience, once there are no doubts, the guides will be proper introduced.

After this we are ready to start the adventure, well begging by climbing a spacious metal ladder, which takes us to the first platform, the guides will check again equipment and provide the necessary information on this cable; the pulley and the safety line will be secured and we’re ready to slide over the top of the trees.

We will hare the opportunity to travel along six more cables of different heights and altitudes , before arriving to the “rappel” , were you will fall in to the vacuum helped by a 15 meter vertical rope , for this activity you will be helped and instructed by our guides.

We go back to flying over the forest canopy, passing tree more cables which will lead to “Tarzan swing”, another of the exciting parts of the tour .it consist of a swing in the middle of forest reach a 30 meter height, properly tied from two ropes, for this activity we count with four guides, two helping on the upper platform and two receiving on the lower platform. here you can rest or take a pictures while the rest of the group plunge art to the wild once conduced with this deed we will make a short 300 meter hike , that will take us to a new section of the property with four more cables, including a 700 meter long line.

This part of the tour is famous for counting with longer and higher cables, giving the opportunity to enjoy the lands cape and nature, with epiphyte cover trees, bromeliads, orchids, birds and animals; after this we will realize our second hike which will definitely open our appetite, taking us to the last cable, the longest and highest, 600 meter long and 80 meter high. Back in the 100% Aventura facilities the harness will be returned and we will thank you for coming and will hope to see you again.


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